lunedì 22 marzo 2010


Colgo l'occasione di questa atmosfera molto CrossFit per riportare il credo della vera CrossFitter. E' citazione da una maglietta del gruppo di Ramstein ma mi ci sono troppo riconosciuta!

I am a Crossfit Woman.
I do not wear makeup in the gym. I wear chalk.
I do no get manicures. I scrub the calluses off my hands.
I do not glisten or smile while I'm working out. I sweat, grunt and curse.
I am a Crossfit Woman.
I am as proud of my muscles as I am of my scars.
They are the evidence of my hard work and dedication.
I am a Crossfit Woman.
Student, Trainer, Coach.
Increased work capacity is my mission.
Elite fitness is my goal.
I am a Crossfit Woman.
I may scale a WOD, but I will never quit or give up.
I do what others won't, and I excel where others can't.
I am stronger mentally and physically because of it.
I am a Crossfit Woman.
I am invincible.
And you could be too.

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